Words from the people we work with:

“Seriously impressed Roger, my results in 3 months PT have been brilliant! 38cm lost and around 9kgs, the health benefits for me definitely noted. Not once was or has their been pressure, pushed, totally! But with plenty of guidance and direction chucked in. Thanks.” – R

“Amazing Nic and Roger its been nearly 5 years since my journey started and a life changing experience for the better!!!! Thanks guys couldn’t have done it without you both” – W

“I have my life back – thank you” – C

“How come no one ever told me that – It so makes sense!” – D

“Palmy’s best kept secret” – L


Fe’s Story 

Fe's Journey April 2014- Dec 2014

“If you knew me, you’d know that I’d never post pictures of me for the world to see! To some it looks like I’ve been on an exercise & diet fad, here’s the thing … I HAVEN’T.
Mid-July this year I took a step (quite a number actually) … climbed up what seemed like a million stairs to Universal Health and with the help, support and guidance of Nic & Roger made some permanent lifestyle changes … I’m choosing to live with the thoughts of “nourish, move, rest” (rather than diet and rush!).

After 20 weeks I’d lost 20kg (21.5kg as of today). I’ve gone from a size 20 to a loose 14 and I can RUN 5km and walk 21km!!! (First picture taken April 2014, 2nd yesterday). The weight loss is obviously amazing, but the life I’ve gained is so much more amazing!! Among other things, thanks to the changes in my diet, I no longer get headaches (except for when I eat too much chocolate), I sleep (before that I was always awake at 330am for the day) and my Heyfever has all but gone! I tried on a dress last night in a shop for the first time in years and one day soon I may even buy one! Sometimes my job is really stressful & I don’t manage things particularly well … but I’m learning new ways of dealing with stuff & thanks to the things I’ve learnt from these guys about nutrition, exercise, rest, cooking … I’m looking forward to lasting the distance in life.

What I like about Nic & Roger is that they are actually living what they teach … and share that information without judgement and with patience (even though I ate a whole lot of chocolate and I thought I’d failed, they still think I’m doing amazing!). I’m still walking along this path and I have another 15kg to lose – the first 20kg took almost no effort at all and I ate more than I ever have …am sure the next 15kg will be ok too.

Sorry for the long post – but trust me, you’ll wanna hear what these guys have got to say!”

Our very own Roger Symes undertook his own transformation in 2014

Roger’s Story

Roger has been a competing body builder for many years. In the off season Roger has historically gained body fat, and had to work very hard to get the body fat off. He has tried all sorts of approaches, and in 2014 after a year off he chose to do it differently. He chose to practice what we at Soul-full Living preach.  His focus was on nourishment, reducing stress, training hard, and using supplementation (natural supplements) and sprints to achieve the goals he had set. He competed in both Nabba and Naturals competitions, and has his sights set now on new goals for 2015.

This is his 2014 transformation.

Roger - Before Tansformation Rog Lean


Dave Hadfield took the 20 Week Challenge and after some hard work saw some amazing results!

Dave’s Story

My name is Dave Hadfield, and by the end of the 20 Weeks I will be 48 years old. My goals for this, is to be fitter than I have in a long time, lose weight, gain muscle, and be stronger. But most of all I want to feel better about myself and be strong for my darling wife.

Why I decided to make a change in my life

I have been stuck in a rut for a long time now, and my life was just as depressing due to my wife (Michelle), having had cancer and treatment over a number of years. We all thought she was in the clear, after ten years, it came back last year. She had an operation to get it removed, but at the beginning of this year, it came back and is terminal. She is stable for now, so that is all good. I thought to myself, I am no good to her if I just let myself go and become a blob, and I was a bit depressed at the time, and turned to food to cover this up, I suppose… anyway pile on a lot of weight in a short space of time.

I started running again, but always thought I could do more, of which I can, and have done in the past, before my wife’s illness, so I joined Snap Fitness. I got a program from one of the trainers and off I went. I saw these posters for a 20 week challenge, and thought about it for a few weeks, and finally decided why not give it a go. That’s where I meet the ever supportive ‘Roger’, so the journey begins, at the weigh in and photos, just seeing those photos of how big I had become, embarrassed the hell out me, weighing in at 98.3 kgs (ugh!).

This is where Roger set me to task. It was a bit of an effort to start with, the exercises and getting my food change right, but I soon started to see some changes for the good, happening at the weekly weigh ins. The weight starting coming off and for the first time in a long time I started feeling good about myself! The pickup I got from this was great, I felt good and had more energy, and looked forward going to the gym and working out, in fact, if I don’t go I miss it! – this makes me laugh, but makes me feel great in all areas of my life.

Well, the half way weigh in was looming nearer, and it was a nervous time for me, as this would tell, how I was doing. Photo’s taken, weighed in… minus 8.4 kgs! I could see the difference in the photos, especially around the tummy, (10 cm gone elsewhere!), which I showed my wife and daughter, who remarked, you don’t have a beer gutt anymore!! This made me laugh and feel great at the same time.

Michelle says I don’t snore nearly as loud as before I started this journey, so that’s a good thing, not sure if it’s down to weight lost or just being fitter. I had to get some new work pants, as the current ones were way too big now and I had no more holes left in my belt!! I also brought some new jeans. Towards the end of July now, and I’m down around the 86kg mark!!

I’ve made some good friends on my journey to a better me, and will always be grateful to them, and especially to Roger, for his support and effort, to get me on the right path. I can’t wait until I see the final photos and see what I will have achieved. I plan to continue my healthy path when the 20 weeks is up.

Please feel free to contact us with any enquiries you might have. We’d love to hear from you.

Soul-Full Living Dave Hadfield 20 Week Challenge Winner

“I had to get some new work pants, as the current ones were way too big now and I had no more holes left in my belt!!”

Soul-Full Living Dave Hadfield

Soul-Full Living Dave Hadfield

Personal Training and Nutrition Coaching Testimonial:

“After being very obese for most of my life this year I decided to take charge and begin a journey to a new and healthier person. With the help of Nici I am well and truly on my way. The help and motivation she gives is awesome and support from Roger as well helps give you that extra boost to give it your all. I am only beginning my journey but I know with them by my side I will achieve my goals and much much more.”

April 2014