The words “thank you” will never fully express the gratitude I have for your mahi. Your platinum safety net you held for me ensured all of me was welcome even when we did come begrudgingly. When we rsisted so hard to come, you never changed. You never judged. You stayed with all of me even when i was not fully present. Arohanui ki a koe tuahine.”

“The beauty of not having the hangups of our past paralyse us means we are able to be fully present to experience all facets of life. The good feelings alongside the not so good.”

“Recognising no shame attached to the trigger.. constant source of discoveries about myself. I am not to blame. I am enough”


“I have seen many different supervisors and what stands out for me is that Nici would always bring me back to the clients and when I was impacted would support me in supervision approach that was client centred and I was able then to deliver a better outcome for the client. Nici has supported me in my NZAC full membership application, ACC provider application and has provided resources, education, and increased my knowledge base”