Image Consultancy and Interior Design Palmerston North

Soul-Full Living Image Consultancy and Interior Design Palmerston North Image Consultancy

Nici from Soul-Full Living in Palmerston North has worked as an Image Consultant for over 8 years. She specialises in makeovers on a budget.  She guides clients to hone their eye for colours that suit them for textures and for styles that enhance their natural body shape. There is an art to wearing clothes to enhance and to disguise.

Based in Palmerston North Nici combines her counselling approach to this work and works with you to bring acceptance, appreciation and understanding of your body. Nici researched in her earlier years studying at Laidlaw College the aesthetics of personal presentation and the relationship between self esteem and self image. She has a sound working knowledge of ‘personhood in aesthetic form’.

Soul-Full Living’s Image Consultant Nici is an avid op shopper and uses this as a resource in her teaching. You do not need lots of money to look fabulous!

Soul-Full Living Image Consultancy and Interior Design Palmerston NorthInterior Design

Nici accomplishes her interior design on an intuitive basis as it has to intuitively feel right. She makes use of her knowledge of colour texture and design which she adds to her interior design work.  She also specialises in small budget interior design makeovers.  The interior of the studio is an example of some of her work. (photo’s of work to come… watch this space).

Why use an Interior Designer?

Soul-Full Living’s Interior Designer Nici who is situated in Palmerston North has an amazing mixture of skills that include colour design, holistic vision and a trained eye for detail. Nici is an excellent listener and she can interpret your brief and work with you to successfully execute your project. Our professional Interior Designer Nici is well trained and has experience in a range of projects and offers those skills to help you with your interior design project.

Soul-Full Living Image Consultancy and Interior Design Palmerston NorthThe benefits you get from using our professional Interior Designer are:
1. She works with you to create a home that boosts your style of living and wellbeing.
2. She helps deliver a consistent concept that enables the design elements work together with your overall interior design goal.
3. She works to raise the function areas of your home to suit your style of living.
4. She uses her skills to drastically amplify the asthetics of your home.
5. She can reduce costs through smart purchasing and evading costly blunders.

Contact us today to book your free 30 minute interior design consultation or image consultation with Soul-Full Living here in Palmerston North.