Flowpresso® Compression Therapy

NOW AVAILABLE at Soul-full Living in Palmerston North – Kiwi ingenuity at its best.

Flowpresso® is an innovative bodysuit that combines compression, far infrared heat, deep pressure, and also nano-vibrational technology into a breakthrough treatment. Designed and uniquely engineered in Aotearoa Flowpresso® stimulates the lymphatic system and drops you into a deeply relaxing state of rest and restoration. Flowpresso® therapy facilitates healing and additionally enhances your overall wellbeing.

As a lymphatic specialist, Flowpresso® founder Desiree De Spong was struck by the benefits of full-body lymphatic therapy and drainage. When she saw life-changing results in a wide variety of people she went on a quest to find a device that could deliver multiple types of therapy at once. 

Desiree began an extensive worldwide study of existing technologies and their efficacy. and she soon realised that she would need to design an effective device and develop an initial prototype.  Consequently the first ‘suit’ was manufactured in early 2019 and Desiree’s trialists reported a dramatic improvement in their overall mental / physical health.

After a period of updates and refinements, the full Flowpresso® system was launched worldwide in February 2020.

Afterwards Roger trained directly with Deisree in June 2024 to enable Soul-full Living to bring Flowpresso® to the Manawatu.





3-IN-1 Flowpresso SYSTEM FEATURES:

Flowpresso® Compression: Allows the body to change how it moves. Flowpresso uses cyclic compression to stimulate you from the feet to the shoulder, allowing the body to release toxins. Compression is recognized to improve and assist in health and sport recovery. 

Flowpresso® Far-Infrared: Harnesses the energy from the sun to help with a variety of health issues. It encourages relaxation, a general state of health, and has a sleep promoting effect, helping to restore balance.

Flowpresso® Deep pressure: Flowpresso uses deep pressure therapy similar to being hugged, held, swaddled, and squeezed to calm and release the daily stresses of life, improving coping ability and adaptation.

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The Flowpresso Suit 

Positive effects from Flowpresso® are achieved by integrating a unique treatment sequence with the innovative design of a 22 chamber bodysuit.



How Your Flowpresso Session Flows:

  • you remain fully-clothed throughout the session (wear long sleeves and full-length pants with socks)
  • the practitioner wraps your feet, legs, abdomen, arms in sequence in the suit; then the system’s air pressure and heat cables are connected
  • the practitioner interacts with you to establish optimal settings for your body’s needs, starting on level 1
  • the session is 40-minutes 
  • you can experience the best results by investing in a series of regular sessions, rather than taking a one-off approach

Flowpresso may help with:

  • Improving the quality of your sleep and reduce stress
  • Increasing energy and overcome fatigue
  • Promoting mental alertness
  • Reducing anxiety
  • Improving sports performance, recovery and endurance
  • Enhancing mobility and flexibility
  • Supporting weight management
  • Restoring balance and support natural self-healing mechanism