Counselling, EMDR Therapy


Nici is a qualified counsellor and EMDR practitioner (NZAC, EMDRNZ), and has also worked in agency settings for over 8 years, 

prior to being in private practice for 6 years.


Based in Palmerston North, and currently offering both via Telehealth and in person.  

Nici works holistically, and incorporates health and wellbeing approaches into her work.  


Sessions are typically 50 Minutes to an hour and $172.50 (funding may available depending on circumstances). 

(Sessions are subject to availability, and are by appointment.

Cancellations within 24 hours are charged at the full session rate.)



Nici specifically calls on a wide variety of modalities in her work including talk therapy, EMDR, mindfulness, 

body work, cognitive behavioural therapy, focusing, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Brainspotting 

and explores life through the narratives we weave into life.  


She works generally from an EMDR therapy perspective.

Nici is an ACC provider for sensitive claims.  



EMDR Therapy


We have all experienced stress, challenging events or trauma to some degree when we were vulnerable. 


This causes beliefs or feelings to become stuck in us, leaving us with low self-esteem and other symptoms or problems.


EMDR Therapy, or Eye-Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing, uses eye movements to help both hemispheres of the brain to “digest” distressing memories and allow them to be stored in a calmed form, properly relegated to the past in a true mind-body way. 


The natural inner health in your brain will spontaneously find a positive conclusion about yourself, giving you a stronger sense of yourself. 


Evidence Based Approaches


25 years of quality research has proven that this amazing, comprehensive therapy helps people resolve issues of many kinds more quickly than other therapies, and that the healing “sticks” even 15 months later.  


EMDR is endorsed by the World Health Organisation, The American Psychiatric Association,  and the National Institute of Mental Health for its use in treating trauma. 

Nici makes use of EMDR therapy where it is appropriate in her work, recognising its empirical standing as a treatment intervention across a broad range of issues, and in particular trauma and PTSD. 

She has special interests in using EMDR with sexual abuse trauma, birth trauma, and with emotional eating behaviours. Nici is an accredited EMDR Therapist, and EMDR Consultant/ Facilitator and an EMDRNZ Board member.

The goal of EMDR is life enhancement, along with the processing of traumatic memories, and reducing their impact in your life.  EMDR is an approach that supports you to process memories – it is your body doing the work, the healing. The role of the therapist is to support and provide a safe environment to process these memories and events.

“I have been back to the memory several times to see what is there – I am amazed each time that it (the pain) is simply not there”

B, 2019

“Changing the memories that form the way we see ourselves also changes the way we see others. Therefore our relationships, job performance, what we are willing to do, or are able to resist, all move in a positive direction”

Francine SHapiro, EMDR Creator


Professional Supervision

Nici also offers professional supervision for social service practitioners and other caring professions. She has been supervising practitioners for over 14 years, is an approved supervisor with  NZCCA, and NZAC for over 5 years, and has worked with social workers, counsellors, rehabilitation coaches, mentors, and psychologists.  


Nici is an accredited EMDR Case Consultant and Facilitator, and an EMDRNZ Board member.

Her approach is at the transformative end of the spectrum. She is passionate about the growth of competence and best practice through the relationship that is supervision and the self reflective development it offers to the work.  

Case Consulation / Supervision is $172.50 GST inclusive.

Group EMDR Case Consultation is available 2.5 hours for $287.50 GST incl per person . 

Dates for these are also advertised on the EMDRNZ Website.



Please feel free to contact us at Palmerston North Soul-Full Living with any enquiries you might have. We’d love to hear from youspe